Welcome to the Cleopatra Project Website

A Clean Sky SGO ITD Research Project supporting Advanced Weather Radar development through Weather Phenomena modelling. Call Identifier: SP1-JTI-CS-2010-03

The CLEOPATRA project aims to develop a SW procedure that can simulate weather phenomena as they appear to airborne weather radars. It will start from a high level description of the weather phenomenon (scenario) and finish with obtaining the polarimetric I/Q signals at radar output. This output will be the input to a test bench (a processing system simulation software) being developed in a related project, which will compare the performance of new improved weather detection algorithms with older ones.

The main issues to be considered will be:

  • Meteorological modelling (scenario definition)
  • Electromagnetic modelling (backscattering from hydrometeors)
  • Weather radar modelling (including clutter, antenna effects etc.)

with the goal of developing a new class of simulators that can combine meteorological scenario description at mesoscale level (typical of environment simulators) with the capability of generating accurate time series for the raw signals (typical of microphysical simulators), all while keeping complexity and computational effort manageable.

The procedure shall be "validated" using experimental data from ground based weather radars.

The Cleopatra Simulator (CLEOSIM)


The Consortium is made of 4 partners from 3 EU member states: Italy, France and Netherlands